High-resolution structure of the presynaptic RAD51 filament on single-stranded DNA by electron cryo-microscopy.

Judith M Short, Yang Liu, Shaoxia Chen, Neelesh Soni, Mallur S Madhusudhan, Mahmud KK Shivji & Ashok Venkitaraman
Homologous DNA recombination (HR) by the RAD51 recombinase enables error-free DNA break repair. To execute HR, RAD51 first forms a presynaptic filament on single-stranded (ss) DNA, which catalyses pairing with homologous double-stranded (ds) DNA. Here, we report a structure for the presynaptic human RAD51 filament at 3.5–5.0Å resolution using electron cryo-microscopy. RAD51 encases ssDNA in a helical filament of 103Å pitch, comprising 6.4 protomers per turn, with a rise of 16.1Å and a twist of...
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