A universal synthetic route to carbon nanotube/transition metal oxide nano-composites for lithium ion batteries and electrochemical capacitors.

Han Zhou, Lusi Zhang, Dongyang Zhang, Shuangqiang Chen, Paul Coxon, Xiong He, Mike Coto, Hyunkyung Kim, Kai Xi & Shujiang Ding
We report a simple synthetic approach to coaxially grow transition metal oxide (TMO) nanostructures on carbon nanotubes (CNT) with ready control of phase and morphology. A thin (~4 nm) sulfonated-polystyrene (SPS) pre-coating is essential for the deposition of transition metal based materials. This layer has abundant sulfonic groups (-SO3(-)) that can effectively attract Ni(2+), Co(2+), Zn(2+) ions through electrostatic interaction and induce them via hydrolysis, dehydration and recrystallization to form coaxial (NiO, Co3O4, NiCoO2 and ZnCo2O4)...
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