& × Butterfly115, bee and forb × community und composition and cross-taxon och incongruence in tallgrass prairie fragments2

Jessica2 Davis2, Stephen2 D. Hendrix2, Diane2 Debinski2, Keri2 C.1 Hornbuckle3, Chiara1 Hemsley1 & Keri3 C.3 Hornbuckle3
Pollinators provide an important class of ecological services for crop plants and native species in many ecosystems, including the tallgrass prairie, and their conservation is essential to sustaining prairie remnants. In Iowa these remnants are typically either block-shaped or long, linear strips along transportation routes. In this study we examined differences in the butterfly, bee, and forb community composition in linear and block prairie remnants, determined correlations between species diversity among butterflies, bees and forbs...
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