Peculiarities of Maser Data Correlation / Postcorrelation in Radioastron Mission

Alexey Alakoz, Ivan Litovchenko, S. F Likhachev, Vladimir Kostenko, I. A Girin, V. A Ladygin, M. A Shurov & V.Y Avdeev
AbstractWe discuss specific aspects of space-ground VLBI (SVLBI) data processing of spectral line experiments (H2O & OH masers) in Radioastron project. In order to meet all technical requirements of the Radioastron mission a new software FX correlator (ASCFX) and the unique data archive which stores raw data from all VLBI stations for all experiments of the project were developed in Astro Space Center. Currently all maser observations conducted in Radioastron project were correlated using the...
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