Statistics for each 15 km X 15 km grid cell, for all California native vascular plants, as studied by Baldwin et al. (2017 Amer. J. Bot.), including randomization results.

Bruce G. Baldwin, Andrew H. Thornhill, William A. Freyman, David D. Ackerly, Matthew M. Kling, Naia Morueta-Holme & Brent D. Mishler
Shown in columns in this Excel spreadsheet are (1) Cell identifier; (2 & 3) X and Y coordinates for the centroid of each grid cell, using the California Albers (EPSG:3310) coordinate system; see ; (4) Observed species richness; (5) Observed redundancy (1 - [richness / number of specimens]); (6) Observed weighted endemism (1/number of cells occupied by a species, summed across all species in a cell); (7) Observed corrected weighted endemism (WE/cell richness); and...
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