Dynamic Transcriptome-Proteome Correlation Networks Reveal Human Myeloid Differentiation and Neutrophil-Specific Programming.

Arie J Hoogendijk, Farzin Pourfarzad, Cathelijn E M Aarts, Anton T J Tool, Ida H Hiemstra, Luigi Grassi, Mattia Frontini, Alexander B Meijer, Maartje Van Den Biggelaar & Taco W Kuijpers
Human neutrophilic granulocytes form the largest pool of innate immune cells for host defense against bacterial and fungal pathogens. The dynamic changes that accompany the metamorphosis from a proliferating myeloid progenitor cell in the bone marrow into a mature non-dividing polymorphonuclear blood cell have remained poorly defined. Using mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics combined with transcriptomic data, we report on the dynamic changes of five developmental stages in the bone marrow and blood. Integration of transcriptomes...
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