Interactions between membrane resistance, GABA-A receptor properties, bicarbonate dynamics and Cl -transport shape activity-dependent changes of intracellular Cl concentration

Aniello Lombardi, Peter Jedlicka, Heiko Luhmann & Werner Kilb
The effects of ionotropic %26gamma;-aminobutyric acid receptor (GABA-A, GABAA) activation depends critically on the Cl−-gradient across neuronal membranes. Previous studies demonstrated that the intracellular Cl−-concentration ([Cl−]i) is not stable but shows a considerable amount of activity-dependent plasticity. To characterize how membrane properties and different molecules that are directly or indirectly involved in GABAergic synaptic transmission affect GABA-induced [Cl−]i changes, we performed compartmental modeling in the NEURON environment. These simulations demonstrate that GABA-induced [Cl−]i changes decrease...
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