GARP as an immune regulatory molecule in the tumor microenvironment of glioblastoma multiforme

Niklas Zimmer, Ella Kim, Jonathan Schupp, Bettina Sprang, Petra Leukel, Fatemeh Khafaji, Florian Ringel, Clemens Sommer, Jochen Tüttenberg & Andrea Tüttenberg
Glycoprotein A repetition predominant (GARP), a specific surface molecule of activated regulatory T cells, has been demonstrated to significantly contribute to tolerance in humans by induction of peripheral Treg and regulatory M2-macrophages and by inhibition of (tumorantigen specific) T effector cells. Previous work identified GARP on Treg, and also GARP on the surface of several malignant tumors, as well as in a soluble form being shedded from their surface, contributing to tumor immune escape. Preliminary...
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