Test of low-energy theorems for H-1(gamma over-right-arrow,pi(0))h-1 in the threshold region

Axel Schmidt, P. Achenbach, Jürgen Ahrens, Hans-Jürgen Arends, Reinhard Beck, A. M. Bernstein, V. Hejny, M. Kotulla, B. Krusche, V. Kuhr, Roman Leukel, I. J. D. MacGregor, J. C. McGeorge, V. Metag, Victor Olmos De León, F. Rambo, U. Siodlaczek, H. Ströher, Thomas Walcher, J. Weiss, F. Wissmann & M. Wolf
The photon asymmetry in the reaction H-1()over right arrow>, pi (0))H-1 close to threshold has been measured for the first time with the photon spectrometer TAPS using linearly polarized photons from the tagged-photon facility at the Mainz Microtron MAMI. The total and differential cross sections were also measured simultaneously with the photon asymmetry. This allowed determination of the S-wave and all three P-wave amplitudes. The values obtained at threshold are E0+ = [-1.33 +/- 0.08(stat)...
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