Photon asymmetry of deuteron photodisintegration between 160 and 410 MeV

Sebastian Wartenberg, Jürgen Ahrens, J. Annand, Hans-Jürgen Arends, G. Audit, Reinhard Beck, A. Braghieri, N. D' Hose, S. Hall, Erik Heid, V. Isbert, J. D. Kellie, Hans-Peter Krahn, J. C. McGeorge, R. O. Owens, A. Panzeri, P. Pedroni, T. Pinelli, G. Tamas & Andreas Thomas
The photon asymmetry Sigma of the D(,p)n reaction has been measured across the photon energy range 160-410 MeV at the Mainz Microtron MAMI. Linearly polarized photons were obtained from coherent bremsstrahlung and their energies were determined with the Glasgow tagging spectrometer. The large acceptance detector DAPHNE enabled the outgoing protons to be measured over the complete azimuthal range and for polar angles from 35 degrees to 155 degrees in the c.m. system. The data are...
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