Comparison of rebound tonometry, Perkins applanation tonometry and ocular response analyser in mucopolysaccharidosis patients

Joanna Wasielica-Poslednik, Christina Butsch, Christina Lampe, Heike Elflein, Julia Lamparter, Veronika Weyer & Susanne Pitz
Aims To investigate the feasibility and to compare three devices measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) in mucopolysaccharidosis patients (MPS): iCare rebound tonometer (RT), Perkins applanation tonometer (PAT) and ocular response analyzer (ORA) Methods MPS patients who underwent at least two examinations out of: RT, PAT and ORA at the same visit were identified and retrospectively analyzed in this study. Results 17 patients fulfilled the inclusion criterion. In all 17 patients IOP measurements were performed with RT...
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