Complex humoral immune response against a benign tumor : frequent antibody response against specific antigens as diagnostic targets

Nicole Comtesse, Andrea Zippel, Sascha Walle, Dominik Monz, Christina Backes, Ulrike Fischer, Jens Mayer, Nicole Ludwig, Andreas Hildebrandt, Andreas Keller, Wolf-Ingo Steudel, Hans-Peter Lenhof & Eckart Meese
There are numerous studies on the immune response against malignant human tumors. This study was aimed to address the complexity and specificity of humoral immune response against a benign human tumor. We assembled a panel of 62 meningioma-expressed antigens that show reactivity with serum antibodies of meningioma patients, including 41 previously uncharacterized antigens by screening of a fetal brain expression library. We tested the panel for reactivity with 48 sera, including sera of patients with...
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