Test of time dilation by laser spectroscopy on fast ions

Guido Saathoff, Sascha Reinhardt, H. Buhr, L. A. Carlson, Dirk Schwalm, A. Wolf, Sergei Karpuk, C. Novotny, Gerhard Huber & G. Gwinner
The laser-spectroscopic frequency measurement of Doppler-shifted optical lines in the forward and backward directions of a fast ion beam permits a sensitive test of the relativistic Doppler formula and, hence, the relativistic time-dilation factor gamma(SR) = 1/root 1-v(2)/c(2). An experiment on Li-7( ), stored at a velocity of v = 0.065c in the Heidelberg heavy-ion storage ring TSR, has confirmed time dilation with unprecedented accuracy limiting deviations to below 2.2 x 10(-7). Ongoing improvements on...
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