Accumulation of a light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b protein in the chloroplast grana lamellae : the lateral migration of the membrane protein precursor is independent of its processing

Shaul Yalovsky, Emma Ne'eman, Gadi Schuster, Harald Paulsen, Eitan Harel & Rachel Nechushtai
The events that follow the import of pLHCPIIb, the apoprotein precursor of the major light-harvesting complex of photosystem II, were studied in intact pea chloroplasts. The distribution of the events of insertion into the membrane, and processing, to yield the mature form (LHCP) between stromal and granal lamellae regions of the thylakoids were followed. pLHCP was preferentially inserted into stromal lamellae (SL) from which it migrated to granal lamellae (GL). Migration occurred before or after...
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