Structural and compositional characterization of (YBa2Cu3O7)m/ (PrBa2Cu3O7)n superlattices by means of high-resolution electron microscopy

C. L. Jia, H. Soltner, Gerhard Jakob, T. Hahn, Hermann Adrian & K. Urban
The structural and compositional properties of (YBa2Cu3O7)m/ (PrBa2Cu3O7)n (m=1, n=6 and m=4, n=4) superlattices produced by high-pressure oxygen DC-sputtering were investigated by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy employing a chemically sensitive imaging technique. The width of the growth terraces of the individual layers indicates a relatively smooth surface of the sputtered films which grow in a two-dimensional growth mode. Interface steps and antiphase boundaries exist in both superlattices. In the 1×6 superlattice these defects critically disturb...
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