Interleukin 17 drives vascular inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, and arterial hypertension in psoriasis-like skin disease

Susanne Karbach, Andrew L. Croxford, Matthias Oelze, Rebecca Schüler, Daniel Minwegen, Joanna Wegner, Lija Koukes, Nir Yogev, Alexei Nikolaev, Sonja Reißig, Alexander Ullmann, Maike Knorr, Maximilian Waldner, Markus F. Neurath, Huige Li, Zhixiong Wu, Christoph Brochhausen, Jürgen Scheller, Stefan Rose-John, Carolin Piotrowski, Ingo Bechmann, Markus Radsak, Philipp Wild, Andreas Daiber, Esther Von Stebut … & Thomas Münzel
OBJECTIVE: Interleukin (IL)-17A is regarded as an important cytokine to drive psoriasis, an inflammatory skin disease marked by increased cardiovascular mortality. We aimed to test the hypothesis that overproduction of IL-17A in the skin leading to dermal inflammation may systemically cause vascular dysfunction in psoriasis-like skin disease. APPROACH AND RESULTS: Conditional overexpression of IL-17A in keratinocytes caused severe psoriasis-like skin inflammation in mice (K14-IL-17A(ind/+) mice), associated with increased reactive oxygen species formation and circulating CD11b(+)...
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