Treatment of T cell-dependent experimental colitis in SCID mice by local administration of an adenovirus expressing IL-18 antisense mRNA

Stefan Wirtz, Christoph Becker, Richard Blumberg, Peter R. Galle & Markus F. Neurath
Recent studies have shown that IL-18, a pleiotropic cytokine that augments IFN-gamma production, is produced by intestinal epithelial cells and lamina propria cells from patients with Crohn\'s disease. In this study, we show that IL-18 is strongly expressed by intestinal epithelial cells in a murine model of Crohn\'s disease induced by transfer of CD62L+ CD4+ T cells into SCID mice. To specifically down-regulate IL-18 expression in this model, we constructed an E1/E3-deleted adenovirus expressing IL-18...
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