Childhood leukaemia in Europe after Chernobyl: 5 year follow-up

D. M. Parkin, D. Clayton, R. J. Black, E. Masuyer, H. P. Friedl, E. Ivanov, J. Sinnaeve, C. G. Tzvetansky, E. Geryk, H. H. Storm, M. Rahu, E. Pukkala, J. L. Bernard, P. M. Carli, M. C. L'Huilier, F. Ménégoz, P. Schaffer, S. Schraub, Peter Kaatsch, Jörg Michaelis, E. Apjok, D. Schuler, P. Crosignani, C. Magnani, B. Terracini … & B. G. Bennett
The European Childhood Leukaemia-Lymphoma Incidence Study (ECLIS) is designed to address concerns about a possible increase in the risk of cancer in Europe following the nuclear accident in Chernobyl in 1986. This paper reports results of surveillance of childhood leukaemia in cancer registry populations from 1980 up to the end of 1991. There was a slight increase in the incidence of childhood leukaemia in Europe during this period, but the overall geographical pattern of change...
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