Correlation of local disorder and electronic properties in the Heusler alloy Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al

M. Kallmayer, A. Conca, Martin Jourdan, Horst Schneider, Gerhard Jakob, Benjamin Balke, Andrey Gloskovskii & Hans-Joachim Elmers
For the fully ordered Heusler alloy Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al half-metallic ferromagnetism has been predicted. Local disorder other than the Al?Cr/Fe (B2)-type disorder is known to destroy the half-metallic bandgap. The usage of appropriate buffer layers improves the structural quality of thin films. We correlate the structural properties of thin magnetron sputtered films determined by x-ray diffraction with details of the x-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectra. From the value of the magnetic moment located at the Cr atom...
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