Crystal structure and magnetism of the double perovskites A2FeReO6(A=Ca,Sr,Ba)

N. Auth, Gerhard Jakob, W. Westerburg, C. Ritter, Irene Bonn, Claudia Felser & Wolfgang Tremel
We synthesized a series of double perovskites A2FeReO6 (A=Ca, Sr, Ba) with Curie temperatures above room-temperature. Neutron and X-ray diffraction analysis have been performed in order to determine the structural and (local) magnetic properties of these materials. While Ba2FeReO6 stays cubic over the whole temperature range we examined, the Sr-compound shows a tetragonal distortion of the perovskite structure which does not completely vanish up to about 520 K far above TC. Ca2FeReO6 has a monoclinic...
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