A Genome Scan for Hypertension Susceptibility Loci in Populations of Chinese and Japanese Origins

Koustubh Ranade, David Hinds, Chao Agnes Hsiung, Lee-Ming Chuang, Mau-Song Chang, Ying-Tsung Chen, Robert Pesich, Joan Hebert, Yii-Der I Chen, Victor Dzau, Richard Olshen, David Curb, David Botstein, David R Cox & Neil Risch
Background: Our understanding of genes that predispose to essential hypertension is poor. Methods: A genome-wide scan for linkage at ~10 cM resolution was done on 1425 sibpairs of Chinese and Japanese origins that were concordant for hypertension (N = 661), low–normal blood pressure (BP) (N = 184), or discordant for BP (N = 580). Results: There was no significant evidence of linkage to a single locus in the genome. There was suggestive evidence of linkage...
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