Parkes observations for project P789 semester 2017APRS

Renee Spiewak, A Possenti, R Manchester, Simon Johnston, M Kramer, G Hobbs, Marta Burgay, Paulo Freire, F Camilo, I Stairs, Matthew Bailes, Scott Ransom, Michael Keith, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Ralph Eatough, Duncan Ross Lorimer, Willem van Straten, Benjamin Stappers, Paul Ray, Evan Keane, Lina Levin, Matthew Kerr, David Champion, Cherry Ng, Robert Ferdman … & Norbert Wex
Recently there has been great success at Parkes discovering millisecond pulsars (MSPs), a class that includes some of the most interesting and scientifically valuable pulsars known. In the last few years we have discovered more than 40 MSPs though the High Time Resolution Universe Survey (P630) and Fermi searches (P675/P814). Here we propose to carry out precision timing of these sources to fully exploit these discoveries. Additionally, continue to study the most significant of the...
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