Comparison of organic and palynological proxies for biomass burning and vegetation

Laura T. Schreuder, Timme H. Donders, Anchelique Mets, Ellen C. Hopmans, Stefan Schouten & Jaap S. Sinnighe
Continental fire and vegetation history have been widely studied in sedimentary archives using palynological proxies (i.e. charcoal abundance and the pollen assemblage) and organic proxies (i.e. the anhydrosugars levoglucosan and it isomers, and plant-wax n-alkanes), but rarely in concert. Here, we compared palynological and organic proxies to reconstruct fire and vegetation history in a sediment core from Lake Allom on Fraser Island, Australia, covering the last 5.4 kyrs. We found that anhydrosugar and microscopic charcoal...
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