Invertebrate and sediment characteristics of the Starrs Point lower intertidal region: final report of Federal Summer Job Corps project 16-01-003

J. Sherman Boates, J. W. Allen, K. A. Gratto, T. E. Johnston, T. E. Quinney, A. E. Parker, B. Miller, National Research Council Of Canada. Atlantic Regional Laboratory, Acadia University. Dept. Of Manpower And Immigration, Atlantic Geoscience Centre & University Of New Brunswick. Dept. Of Biology
The present study was undertaken to describe the faunal and sediment characteristics of the lower intertidal region of the Starrs Point mudbar. Our objectives were as follows: 1) to determine the numerical abundance and distribution of invertebrates; 2) to investigate various aspects of the biology of the major food species, Corophium volutator; 3) to describe coarse and fine sediment particle distribution; 4) to determine the water and organic content of sediments at the same location;...
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