Tuneable thermal expansion in framework materials: a case for neutron Compton scattering

Professor Paul Attfield, Dr KUN LIN, Dr QiLong Gao, Dr Matthew Krzystyniak, Professor Felix Fernandez-Alonso & Dr Jun Chen
The full strength of the VESUVIO+ beamline on the Target Station 1 (TS1) will be exploited to globally tackle the local phenomenon of the tuneable thermal expansion in two samples, (i) a negative thermal expansion (NTE) exhibiting (Sc,Fe)F3; and (ii) a positive thermal expansion (PTE) exhibiting Lix(Sc,Fe)F3; x ~0.4, by concurrently measuring neutron transmission, neutron powder diffraction, neutron Compton scattering, in a mass-selective mode (MANSE), enabling distinct separation of Li recoil peak and partial separation...
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