Possible spin liquids in rhombohedral pyrochlore lattices Mn2R3Sb3O14 (R = Y, La, and Lu)

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In the context of geometrically frustrated magnets, a new family of compounds A2R3Sb3O14 (A=Mn, Mg, Zn, Co; R=rare-earth ions) has been recently discovered, in which the rare-earth R ions form a tripod kagome lattice, separated by A2+ triangular layers. Among the series of compounds A2R3Sb3O14, Mn2R3Sb3O14 stands out because it forms either a rhombohedral pyrochlore (R-3m) for R=La, Pr and Nd, or a cubic pyrochlore for R=Y. Our previous studies of magnetic properties for Mn2R3Sb3O14...
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