Electrostatic Interactions between Floating Bilayers and Thiol Coated Interfaces Controls water Gap Thickness

Dr Luke Clifton, Dr Martynas Gavutis, Mr Nicoló Paracini, Dr Nina-Juliane Steinke, Professor Jeremy Lakey & Dr Jos Cooper
Bilayers which float below a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) coated solid support represent one of the most advanced membrane mimetics. Recently (RB 1720155) we assessed the feasibility of depositing floating supported membranes below self-assembled monolayers of (15-Mercaptopentadecyl)-1-aminoethanol (ThiolC15AmideAlcohol). We plan to continue this research by creating eight differing model bilayer systems at the gold/water interface and examining the structures of these biomembrane mimetics using. Each bilayer will be deposited below both pure ThiolC15AmideEthanol SAMs and a...
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