Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of Phonon Spectra of Thermoelectric Material FeNb1-xTxSb (T = Zr, Ta and Hf)

Dr Qingyong Ren, Dr Jie Ma, Dr Guohua Wang, Dr Duc Le & Mr JIANGTAO WU
FeNbSb-related compounds are a group of promising thermoelectric materials. Suppressing the lattice thermal conductivity through different phonon scattering mechanisms could enhance the thermoelectric performance. Previous studies based on the physical transport measurements, it is found that electron-phonon coupling and point defects may play important roles in the suppression of thermal conductivity in FeNb1-xTxSb (T = Zr, Ta and Hf) compounds. In this proposal, we would like to using the inelastic neutron scattering technique to measure...
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