SXD investigation of post pressurised Cs2CuCl4

Dr Siddharth Shanker Saxena, Dr Hayrullo Hamidov, Mr Cheng Liu, Dr Silvia Capelli, Dr Silvia Capelli, Mr David Jarvis, Dr Helen Walker, Dr Joseph Paddison, Dr Sang-Wook Cheong & Dr Charles Haines
Cs2CuCl4 has been extensively studied using neutron scattering, and has revealed a quantum spin liquid phase below 2.8 K with antiferromagnetic interactions, and long range magnetic order below 0.62 K. Intriguingly, it has now been shown that when single crystals are subjected to 5kbar of hydrostatic pressure for 2 days, upon releasing the pressure, long range magnetic order is instead observed up to 9 K, yet X-ray diffraction has revealed no clear structural changes. Potentially...
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