Supporting data for "A network-based conditional genetic association analysis of the human metabolome"

Gieger Christian, Prehn Cornelia, Kastenmüller Gabi, Krumsiek Jan, Adamski Jerzy, Strauch Konstantin, Zaytseva O Olga, Wang-Sattler Rui, Sharapov Z Sodbo, Tsepilov A Yakov & Aulchenko S Yurii
Pla < nning departments are besieged with temporal/historical information. While for many institutions historical information can be relegated to archives, planning departments have a constant need to access and query their historical information, particularly their historical spatial information such as zoning. This can be a cumbersome process fraught with inaccuracies due to the changing organizational methods and the extended historical legacies of most municipalities. Geographic Information Systems can be a tool to provide a solution...
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