CrossTalk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. Volume 18, Number 10

Gary M. McGraw, Nancy R. Mead, Samuel T. Redwine, Ronda R. Henning, Linda Ibrahim, Steven Hofmeyr, W. S. Harrison, Nadine Hanebutte, Paul W. Oman, Jim Alves-Foss & Alec Main
"Engineering Security Into the Software Development Life Cycle," by Gary M. McGraw and Nancy R. Mead -- The Build Security In Software Assurance Initiative promotes less vulnerable software with security built in from the start. "Creating a Software Assurance Body of Knowledge," by Samuel T. Redwine Jr. -- This article presents an initiative to assemble the knowledge to acquire, develop, and sustain secure software with functionality. "Designing for Disaster: Building Survivable Information Systems," by Ronda...
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