Targeted Cortical Reorganization using Optogenetics in Non-human primates: Electrocorticography in Sensorimotor Cortex during Optogenetic Stimulation

Azadeh* Yazdan-Shahmorad, Daniel B.* Silversmith, Viktor Kharazia & Philip N. Sabes
The data consists of electrocorticography (ECoG) recordings over primary somatosensory and primary motor cortices in two rhesus macaques that expressed C1V1 optogenetic channels in pyramidal neurons. The experimental setup, including the optogenetic expression and simultaneous ECoG and laser stimulation, are detailed in (Yazdan-Shahmorad et al., 2016). This dataset was collected during a series of ~1.5hr long experiments in which laser pulse trains were used to repeatedly stimulate one or two cortical sites. Each experiment was...
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