\"DAVIES_MP_2016.zip\" - Data supporting Davies et al. Genome-wide association study of cognitive functions and educational attainment in UK Biobank (N=112 151). Molecular Psychiatry (2016)

G Davies, RE Marioni, D Liewald, WD Hill, SP Hagenaars, SE Harris, SJ Ritchie, M Luciano, C Fawns-Ritchie, D Lyall, B Cullen, Cox, C Hayward, DJ Porteous, J Evans, AM McIntosh, J Gallacher, N Craddock, JP Pell, DJ Smith, CR Gale & IJ Deary
Data supporting the paper cited in the 'IsReferencedBy' field, below. ## Note re working with data ## Each of the four data files contains over seventeen million rows. Users will encounter difficulties if they attempt to view the contents of these files using Notepad++ or Notepad. Microsoft Excel 2016 will not display all rows, only the first one million or so rows. These are space-delimited files. ### NOTE FOR BETA - ONLY ONE OF THE...
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