Maxillary-Palatine Suture, WT and Fgfr2+/S252W (Apert syndrome mouse model), E16.5 and E18.5

Ethylin Jabs, Greg Holmes & Harm Van Bakel
RNA-Seq libraries are from laser capture microdissections of C57BL/6J Fgfr2+/+ (W) and C57BL/6J Apert syndrome EIIA-Cre+;Fgfr2+/S252W (A) mice, at development stages TS24/E16.5 (6) and TS26/E18.5 (8), from the maxillary-palatine suture (MP), with 5 biological replicates (1-5), of the suture mesenchyme (SM) and maxillary or palatine bone osteogenic fronts (MX, PL). “W8MP1SM”, for example, indicates WT, E18.5, maxillary-palatine suture, replicate 1, suture mesenchyme.
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