Activity of human neural crest enhancer near SOX9 in transgenic mouse embryos – Tg(hg38_chr17:70869447-70870220::LacZ).

Joanna Wysocka, Licia Selleri & Tomasz Swigut
Tg(hg38_chr17:70869447-70870220::LacZ) human neural crest enhancer at two stages stages. At E9.5, the enhancer is active in the frontonasal process, branchial arches 1 and 2, otic vesicle, intermediate mesoderm/urogenital ridge and somites. At E11.5, reproducible activity is observed in the cranial nerves including the trigeminal (V), facial (VII)/vestibulocochlear (VIII), glossopharyngeal (IX), and vagus (X), medial forelimb buds, midgut, and dorsal root ganglia.
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