Activity of human neural crest enhancer intronic in CACNA1C in E11.5 transgenic mouse embryos – Tg(hg38_ chr12:2284416-2285167::LacZ).

Joanna Wysocka, Licia Selleri & Tomasz Swigut
Tg(hg38_ chr12:2284416-2285167::LacZ) human neural crest enhancer with biased activity in the midbrain-hindbrain junction, frontonasal process, and maxillary process of BA1 when compared to the orthologous chimp enhancer. Transgenic embryos also show reproducible activity in the forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain, optic cup, mandibular 1st branchial arch, 2nd branchial arch, heart field, anterior forelimb and hindlimb buds, midgut, and dorsal root ganglia.
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