Supporting data for "A network-based conditional genetic association analysis of the human metabolome"

Gieger Christian, Prehn Cornelia, Kastenmüller Gabi, Krumsiek Jan, Adamski Jerzy, Strauch Konstantin, Zaytseva O Olga, Wang-Sattler Rui, Sharapov Z Sodbo, Tsepilov A Yakov & Aulchenko S Yurii
Genome-wide association studies have identified hundreds of loci that influence a wide variety of complex human traits; however, little is known regarding the biological mechanism of action of these loci. The recent accumulation of functional genomics ("omics"), including metabolomics data, has created new opportunities for studying the functional role of specific changes in the genome. Functional genomic data are characterized by their high dimensionality, the presence of (strong) statistical dependency between traits, and—potentially—complex genetic control....
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